invisible yet palpable, a fuel for one's journey. through criticism and condemnation this fuel keeps on burning. A wife, a mother, an acquaintance all the same, their negativity will set on you but belief they can not change. Is it the goal or the man that causes confidence to stutter? It is their insecurities they so silently utter. They will not hold your hand. They will not help you leap. No matter their thoughts, It is your belief to keep.


Tall and stout, or so it always seemed. Ecstatic about the treat in his front pocket, my eyes always gleamed. Blue denim, cowboy shirts and bolo ties, Across the county you could spot this guy. A honk from the van and clear blue skies, We took that silly van from pow wows, to fairs, and even elephant rides. Laughing, smiling and always joking is the game, My Grandfather is the best, Cleatus is his name.

Pretend Polite

A smile, a nod, assuring words, spoken with insincerity. evading the truth, intentions gaining clarity. Like a bee, it stings but only temporarily.

repetitive cycles, it's always the same, deceit and dishonesty, I remember the game. smile and laugh, that is all you can do. it is expected in this game for two.

“Who You Are”

Trials, troubles, struggles the same pouring in, not a soul to blame. no one to turn to, what else is new? looking left, looking right. It's just you. Seeds are planted in dark places, forcing one to push into new spaces, Break open, reach far it's what you do in dark times that proves who you are.

make a strength from a weakness, buy a horse, win the Preakness. attitude is everything If you believe you achieve this

I am so wrapped up in my own thoughts I can't interact with the world around me.

If you step in shit, do not blame the shit for being there. You took the step.

I keep buying happiness, the cycle is the same, for the time I feel important, how short lived is my bane, now I have regret as well as this shiny thing. cycle reset, What will this purchase bring?

Full on gas, no road. Fuse ignited, won't explode. Fish on, reel broke Big heart, no home. potential useless without the latter,